FRI 30-Jun-2017 (09:00 – 15:20)
Räter Park Hotel, Munich, Germany

This free event was a great success, and was fully booked. Some of the slides are available below.

Introduction to MINERVA
Dr. Mark Farries; Gooch and Housego (Torquay)

Breakthroughs in mid-IR fibre technology
Prof. Angela Seddon; University of Nottingham

Novel optical components for the mid-IR
Mr. Jon Ward; Gooch and Housego (UK)

Novel rare earth doped mid-IR lasers
Dr. Samir Lamrini; LISA Laser

World leading supercontinuum to 4.75 um
Dr. Peter Moselund; NKT Photonics

Recent advances in long wavelength supercontinuum
Dr. Christian Rosenberg Petersen; DTU Fotonik, Technical University of Denmark

T2SL technology for mid-IR detectors
Dr. Linda Höglund; IRnova

Skin cancer & cell discrimination using mid-IR spectroscopy
Prof. Jürgen Schneckenburger; University of Münster

High resolution mid-IR cell imaging and spectroscopy
Prof. Nick Stone; University of Exeter

Image and signal processing algorithms for improving pathological classification in mid-IR spectroscopy
Prof. Valery Naranjo; Universitat Politècnica de València

Supercontinuum-based mid-IR imaging system
Dr. Nikola Prtljaga; Gooch and Housego (Torquay)

Mid-infrared laser spectroscopy for trace gas sensing
Dr. Frans J.M. Harren; Radboud University

Induced quantum-coherence (INQC) imaging with undetected photons
Dr. Sven Ramelow; Humboldt University Berlin

QCLs and the roadmap for IR chemical imaging
Mr. Matthias Godejohann; Daylight Solutions

QCL-based microscopy
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Petrich; Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, University of Heidelberg



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