MINERVA mid-IR photonic technology

-Low loss robust chalcogenide fibres for fibre lasers, supercontinuum generation and delivery
-Fibre end caps and splicing technology for soft glass fibres

-Mid-IR glass fused fibre components
-Mid-IR AO modulators based on calomel
-2.9 μm Er:ZBLAN and 4.5 μm Pr-doped chalcogenide fibre laser pumps

-Low cost T2SL MWIR and LWIR FPA detectors
-Performance matching state-of-the-art MSL devices

-Simulation, design and fabrication of a range of mid-IR SCG sources
-Novel sources based on ZBLAN and InF3 fibre as well as MINERVA pump lasers and fibres.

MINERVA applications

 High volume pathology screening
(i.e. automated microscope-based examination of samples)
In vivo, remote, real-time skin surface examination
(i.e. non-invasive investigation of suspected skin cancer).

This project will open the mid-IR to further exploitation, and the technology developed will be transferable to a huge range of applications both in bio-photonics and in wider industry.


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