Newsletter 8: Sep-2017
This final newsletter is longer than usual (13 pg) and briefly reviews all the outputs from the project.This hardware was integrated into two remarkable imaging systems:
-High resolution SCS-based mid-IR (3-4.5 μm) imaging microscope
-Scanning modality SCS-based mid-IR (4-7.5 μm) microscope
newsletter_7_thumbnail Newsletter 7: Dec-2016
-High-energy Er:ZBLAN fibre laser (LISA Laser)
-Mid-IR fibre developments including Pr-doping and ultra-low loss (University of Nottingham)
-Effect of pixel size in high resolution FTIR imaging (GHNT/Exeter/UPV)
-Record supercontinuum in tapered photonic crystal fibres (DTU)
Newsletter 6 thumbnail Newsletter 6: Nov-2015
-Image processing and data analysis at UPVLC
-Calomel crystals from BBT
-T2SL detectors from IRnova
-Confirmation of the MINERVA sessions at Photonics West in Feb-2016.
MINERVA newsletter 5 button Newsletter 5: Jun-2015
-Optimised ZrF4 mid-IR supercontinuum sources for spectroscopy
-Mercurous halides: unique optical materials for the infra-red
-Ultra-high NA chalcogenide step-index fibre for world-record long wavelength supercontinuum
Newsletter_4_button Newsletter 4: Nov-2014 
-MINERVA mid-IR world record features in Nature Photonics
-“MINERVA Lite” system demonstrates high speed mid-IR spectral imaging
-Infrared megapixel camera development
-High resolution mid-IR imaging at University of Exeter
-Development of standardised samples for mid-IR spectrometer instruments testing
Newsletter 3: May-2014
Progress report including:
-MINERVA wins best project at Photonics Europe 2014
-Pattern recognition and data analysis
-Er:ZBLAN laser operating at 2.9 um.
Newsletter 2 Nov-2013
News on:
-Supercontinuum modelling at DTU
-T2SL technology from IRnova
-Image segmentation work at UPVLC.
Newsletter 1 Jul-2013
Updates on progress in the project:
-Supercontinuum sources
-Mid-IR fibre
-Mathematical techniques that MINERVA will be investigating.



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